The Next Step Program


Deelnemers / Deelnemers Editie III
Ingeborg and Renze van Lieshout
Mass North

A ship that cant move, but a vessel for living. Once transporting many tourists around the rivers and canals of the Netherlands, now housing two people on KNSM island in Amsterdam.

This project re-imagines the stuurhuis in an old barge ship (now a woonschip) into a multifunctional 3D space for living. A single sinuous envelope wraps itself around the interior of this small room like the waves the ship used to sail on, but now frozen in place – much like the ship now sits in one place. This envelope morphs itself to create seating, benches, tables and lighting, so the inhabitants can use the space in a different way every time.
This project was parametrically designed on computers, milled by machines and then the material was finished, assembled and installed by the design team with help from the clients.